Fire effects always enhance the drama of an action sequence, but fire is a natural element with a mind of its own, and needs to be managed in a controlled environment. With most fire effects gas is the preferred method. The level of the flames can be set and total isolation is achieved at the turn of a tap. Smaller setups can be fuelled using bottled gas with pipe work run using standard stock equipment. Some of Chris’ more recent jobs have required a larger set up and in these cases he has run purpose made pipe work with the gas being fed from road tankers or static gas tanks. With any use of gas, even small installations, all of the pipe work and fittings need to be checked tested and installed by his expert technicians who have a wealth of knowledge in the specialist area. To enhance the gas flames a variety of fuel gels are painted or pasted onto objects to create small localized areas of fire. Atmospheric smoke brings life to any scene, and is extremely effective when done well. Expertise, planning and the right equipment are key to achieving stunning, safe and natural effects. With the right amount of equipment and manpower, whole valleys can be filled with smoke to give a staggering effect, to any film or drama.