A variety of materials can be used to make special effects snow. A fine powder material C90 or Powder Frost is used to dress trees or buildings. This can be hosed down after as the materials turn invisible with water. Paper snow or Snow Cell of different particle sizes can be used on the floor and around any action. This product is laid using industrial insulation machines, and is able to give a real authentic look. For falling snow there are an assortment of snow machines Chris Reynolds can use depending on the size of the area to be covered. If silent snow is required Chris can use snow candles to give that drifting look of the first snowfalls of winter. With larger set ups foam can be laid in the distance or on buildings to create the wide shot. These materials are all environmentally friendly and cause no harm to vegetation soil or animals.

Ice looks great and can be dressed in on a building or across a lake using a variety of waxes and specialist prop sections.